Open Source Social Networking


Manusya ( manuSyaah ) in Sanskrit means human being. We felt that it was an appropriate name for an an application designed to connect human beings together. There's been a lot of hype and criticism of social networking sites like Friendster, Orkut, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. We're not debating the virtue of social networking. We believe everything we do in life is social networking. Online tools can help facilitate offline interaction when used properly. The Manusya Project is a social networking application built using apache, Postgresql, mod_perl, and the Perl Template Toolkit.


The application still has a long way to go but so far it includes features like, an address book, calendaring, classifieds, and the ability to leave messsages for other members. We're aiming to implement FOAF, forums, integration with and integration with Flickr among other things such as support for MySQL.


Please visit Sourceforge for more information on the project and to download any files uploaded into CVS or packaged.